Interview with a John Wick Survivor.

He has not been the same since

john wick
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We’ve always seen lots guys get beat up in movies by this John Wick, and we imagine what happens next. Now, we know better. Some of those men end up in therapy (psycho or physic, depending on how hard they were dealt with), some end up migrating to China as a result of fear, or as in the case of the lucky guard, they cry uncontrollably.

Recently, one of the guards who luckily escaped Mr. Wick’s clutches told us how the man effortlessly took down twenty-five of his colleagues.

This got us thinking that there is probably a worldwide network of assassins, with members lodged in continental hotels. Hmm… In which Nigerian hotel could John Wick be? Oriental hotel? 1004? So many questions running through our minds, but one thing is for sure, we can’t wait to see chapter 4 of the movie, John Wick.

Do you know about ANNA? She might be John Wicks soulmate, find out why

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