Hilarious Tweets from the Week – Volume 2

You might lose your manners in public….

Dino Melaye laughing
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From the Revolution now protests to the not so tense ending of the Premier League transfer window, Twitter was awash with a lot of tweets, some more hilarious than informative. That’s probably what keeps most of us glued to our devices all day…….the hilarious stuff.

You’ve got busy lives, doing busy stuff, we do too….though we spend it on Twitter. In fact, we’ve spent the whole week on Twitter and here are some of the funniest tweets that got us losing our manners in public.

It’s that time of the year again.
*cries in misplaced priorities*
Lol! Who’s getting suspended next?
So much savagery on these timelines
Well, that’s one way to go
People are not smiling ooo
One country we don’t recommend for the holidays

That’s all for this week, not satisfied? Check out our collection from last week

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